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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity seems to have lost a bit of Martian soil

Curiosity seems to have lost a bit of Martian soil

The was taking a soil sample with a shovel when the camera captured an image with something brilliant.

The robot began testing the blades have included, and they used to collect Martian soil samples to analyze. The rover took a photograph of his shovel as he worked, however, them noticed a small bright spot is seen on the bottom of the image, on the floor. What are these shiny?

To investigate, NASA designated task that the day would Curiosity to take pictures using the bright point ChemCam instrument, which includes a microscope.

According to the researchers, the bright object would be a part of it fell rover, and Martian material. Seems to be a bit of plastic that would not further damage the rover, although the material has not been definitively identified. To be sure, the scientists aim to observe the surroundings with MastCam, to see if there are other bright spots. Soil testing is the shovel and suspended at least for a day.

The land Curiosity is collected in the blade, where it will be transferred to one of the processing chambers rover for analysis.

Curiosity seems to have lost a bit of Martian soil image 2

We have problems with the images, so the photo above is not. You can see the image in greater detail here Curiosity.

Link: Object Likely Benign Plastic from Curiosity Rover (NASA)

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