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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity sends Martian mountain picture and first voice message

Curiosity sends Martian mountain picture and first voice message


If all goes as planned, should be in a year in the foothills of Mount Sharp, a Mountain of 4,800 meters high. The robot has sent the first pictures of this mountain in high resolution , surprising scientists who could observe rock layers tilted on other relatively horizontal layers.

It is an unexpected feature. On Earth there are similar formations, but the layers are usually inclined below horizontal layers, not vice versa. Scientists suspect that this is due to physical processes such as wind or water, that formed these deposits. For now, research is more focused on finding out what kind of minerals are in the mountains.

The images were captured with a 100 mm telephoto and a wide angle lens of 34 mm located in the instrument MastCam. The goal of Curiosity is to dig a bit on Mount Sharp and determine whether you have the necessary ingredients to support life on the planet.

Also for the first time broadcast a Voice message from Earth to and back. Was Will.I.Am song , but a message from the head of NASA, Charles Bolden, who spoke about the difficulties of reach Mars and congratulated the employees of the agency.

“With this voice, there is another small step in extending human presence beyond Earth, and the experience of exploring distant worlds is a bit about us all,” said David Leary, Curiosity program.

Link: NASA rover voice returns, telephoto views from Mars (NASA)

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