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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity sent his first color picture from Mars

Curiosity sent his first color picture from Mars


aroused on Monday on fairly flat terrain and no visible obstacles. Although systems are not yet finished checking, the first pictures and videos are already being caught and sent to Earth from Mars.

The camera captured of Curiosity and sent the first color picture from Mars. The photo shows the landscape north of Curiosity, and was captured on landing day – August 6 – after reaching the surface. The image shows the crater rim Gale, and looks cloudy because MAHLI cover is dust, which probably arrived there in the drop operation. MAHLI has a removable transparent cover was put there to protect the lens from dust, which will be removed once the robotic arm Curiosity has passed all tests, more or less in a week.

MAHLI is a camera located at the end of the robotic arm of Curiosity, and the photo was taken when the arm was still in its position of “saved”. Therefore, the picture is tilted – saved arm, the camera is rotated about 30% relative to the rover deck.

The main objective is to obtain MAHLI photos in high resolution near rocks and soil. The camera can focus on things at a distance of 2.1 cm to infinity.

Curiosity’s main mission is to determine whether has or once had, an environment capable of supporting life.

Curiosity sent his first color picture from Mars image 2

Curiosity’s Firs Color Image of the Martian Landscape (NASA)
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