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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity view more bright particles in the Martian soil

Curiosity view more bright particles in the Martian soil


Is is getting rid of a bit, or is full of shiny things. Having found a mysterious bright soil particle , NASA determined that it would be a piece of plastic the robot itself, which would have fallen. But it all seems so simple.

The is built using his shovel to make a hole in the Martian soil and take a sample for analysis. After finishing the first particle speculation bright Curiosity reburied the shovel in the ground to collect a sample, but found something unexpected: more shiny things. At first, scientists thought it might be that the rover is peeling and losing parties, but it was possible that things appeared bright under the hole he had just dug were also part of the rover.

The images show particles attached to colored clods of soil excavated, implying that there may have been dropped from the robot.

Curiosity will now attempt to collect third soil sample, and more photos, which should help to attempt to identify the bright bits, to determine if they are significant and whether they should be analyzed by the laboratory of the rover.

Link: Scoop Discarded Rover’s Second, Third Scoop Commanded (NASA)

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