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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity will “eat” his first spoonful of Martian soil for analysis

Tray sample observation. (C) NASA

The mystery of the “shiny things” in the Martian soil could be be resolved, then that Curiosity introduce some Martian soil for analysis in its interiors with its instrument of chemistry and mineralogy (Chemin). The test comes after taking two test samples used to prepare the instruments.

“This instrument will give us a more definitive method for identifying which had been used on mars so far: X-ray Diffraction Safely identify minerals is important because they store the environmental conditions in which they formed, “said John Gortzinger, scientist.

scientists feared that pollution Curiosity may have brought with them from Earth might confuse the instruments on Mars. Because of this, cleaning routines were implemented prior to this process, and Curiosity collected two soil samples, put them in the processing chambers and then cleaned to remove debris that may have traveled as stowaways.

When I was in the midst of these precautionary measures, other fears appeared: the sample was taking Curiosity was contaminated by pieces of plastic that have fallen in the same rover . That sample was removed, and after further consideration photographic soil, the researchers concluded that the bright particles are part of Mars . With CheMin analysis, NASA hopes to discover more about it.

Link: Mars Soil Sample for Analysis Delivered Inside Rover (NASA)

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