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Posted by on Jun 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

Cut on the warranty of the hard disks could lead to extinction

Cut on the warranty of the hard disks could lead to extinction

Since the floods in Thailand in October last year, the market for hard drives never again be the same, for this natural disaster was taken as a pretext to reform and strengthen the duopoly between Seagate and Western Digital , which have “defragmented the market for hard drives “and put the price they want for their products, without some competitor who can change it.

But high prices of hard drives are not the only concern for users, because since late last year both companies have agreed to reduce to a mere third of the warranty period enjoyed by the hard drives for many years , from a standard warranty period of three years, only a one year warranty , policy implemented by both and to its own products and divisions acquired hard drives (Samsung, Toshiba, and LaCie).

Magnetic hard drives or (Hard Disk Drive) have always been characterized as a reliable storage medium to long term, a fact that was reinforced by the image of reliability that suggested its guarantees of three to five years depending on the model, image Reliability has been destroyed by the current warranty period just one year to the current hard disks, which could lead the market for hard drives be endangered in the future maybe not so far away.

With this background it is not surprising that other storage devices such as the SSD charge increasing popularity, but perhaps the worst market for hard drives is that many users will be asked: What good is having a multi-storage device terabytes of long-term, if it lacks a long-term support?

Link: Western Digital and Seagate Are doomed to be marked as bad Sectors? (PC Perspective)

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