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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Entertainment |

Cyber ​​Wars is Star Wars toy collection redesigned to Cyberpunk

Cyber Wars is Star Wars toy collection redesigned to Cyberpunk

Image courtesy of SILLOF

Sillof is a Professor of History and Film in a High School in Indianapolis, United States, but his true calling is creativity ( according to the information on their website).

was creative enough to re-imagine the Star Wars saga in a world ciberpunketo, create a new context, and re-design the classic characters from that series.

Only the re-design was not only in illustration but took him out physically, using the action figures Star Wars.

The result is called Cyber Wars Cyber Wars history is about some hackers rebels fighting to free themselves from an oppressive system, which is controlled by a Mega Technology Corporation.

The characters, apart from having new look also have new name and new biography. C3PO and R2D2 are called Chip3 & Rod2, Darth Vader is called Vector, Luke Skywalker is called Link Sourcecoder, and so on.

All information on each character you can review the page Sillof . Meanwhile, here are the images in this collection of action figures tuneadas:

Link: Star Wars Saga reimagined as a cyberpunk with hacked toys (Dvice)

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