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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Science |

Czechs have functional prototype flying bicycle

Czechs have functional prototype flying bicycle

Three Czech engineering firms combined their knowledge to create what would be the dream of everyone when children (or those who saw ET), and presented publicly for the first time in a convection heat Prague: A flying bicycle.

The “Flying Bike Build Your Dreams” is a prototype electric bike which already proved he can rise into the air carrying a dummy test while floating as if you were in the forests of Endor .

The device weighs about 100 kilograms, and needs six vertical thrusters to raise it as an engineer the controls from the ground with a remote control. Although its design was proposed a year ago , this is the first time we see a first working prototype.

According to the company, by the end of the year should have a prototype able to raise a person, and now work in which the final product is as easy to maneuver as a regular bike, but with the ability to soar through the air between about three and five minutes using only electric power.

Unfortunately, they do not plan to put it on sale even after the product is finished. “Our main motivation for this project is not for profit or commercial interest, but to fulfill our dreams when we were kids,” said engineer Design Your Dreams, Ales Kobylik.

Design your Dreams
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