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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Software |

Danish company creates software that prevents printing 3D weapons

Danish company creates software that prevents printing 3D weapons

A company in Denmark, called Create It Real , has designed software that operate as 3D printing interface that recognizes when the user wants to pieces of weapons and crashes. The software will be fed from a database containing all parts of plans available on the internet today.

The dynamics of “Realvision” Management Suite 3D printing blocks weapon parts is inspired algorithms that use graphic design software to recognize the designs, but in general these blocks have been easily avoided by some developers .

Look to this Danish company, is to “reduce the responsibility of the manufacturer of the printer”, according to its CEO says, Jeremie Pierre Gay, to ensure that the scope of the manufacturer of printers on the user is limited and future legal risks , say, something like putting a sign “beware of the dog”, that will not prevent bite us but if we demand the dog owner if we’re within your property without permission.

To Create It Real company, the software can also be integrated into online mode or through a key if requested by the manufacturer.

How could this software differentiate between the impression of a decorative weapon, toy, or water and true? According to Gay, will be essential to update the database with sensitive parts that need a real weapon, such as components the “Lower Reciever” as the trigger, trigger, bolt, firing pin, extractor and feed ramp. But finally, what look is that printer manufacturers have legal support to avoid liability in this type of prints.

A little less than a month, the Department of Homeland Security of the United States issued a memo about the outlook for the future of 3D weapons, which ended with the phrase “limit access (to the impression of weapons) would be impossible” . Perhaps with this kind of development can achieve having a higher containment limit when manufacturing.

Link: Danish Company Creates Software That Will Stop You From Printing A Gun (Techcrunch)

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