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Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in Science |

DARPA presents Atlas, the most advanced humanoid robot in the world

DARPA presents Atlas, the most advanced humanoid robot in the world

and recently presented his new creation in the field of robotics: Atlas, a designed to move without much trouble in case of a disaster or emergency.

has a mass of 150 kg and reaches 2.25 meters tall. Your hands can manipulate similar tools as you would a person, and on his head there is room for two stereo cameras and a laser rangefinder to calculate distances. The remaining parts (legs, arms, torso, hands) are connected by hydraulic joint 28 allowing it to move.

The brain of the robot is an integrated computer that works in real time, according to the official. You can also regulate their own temperature, and comes with two sets of interchangeable hands.

Work on Atlas is framed in the DARPA challenge Robotics Challenge, where seven teams will have to “teach” a robot to perform actions which can then be useful in emergencies, either to explore difficult terrain or in areas of extreme . The team that wins the challenge will be the sum of two million dollars as prize, as long as the robot can perform some tasks such as driving an SUV, cross a field full of debris, or to make the change of industrial equipment.

“Atlas is one of the most advanced humanoid robot ever built,” say from DARPA: essentially, it would be “the physical packaging of the brains and nerves of software that will continue developing and refining equipment.” Of course, nothing beats a video to see how it moves and behaves really this robot. Good company you could do the BigDog .

Link: DARPA’s Atlas Robot Unveiled (via Times )

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