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Death of William Moggridge, a pioneer in the design of the laptop

Death of William Moggridge, a pioneer in the design of the laptop

To this man we owe much thanks to him today the portable computer equipment (laptop) are so popular, and not only thought about the of the equipment but in the way of how people should interact with these devices.

It was in 1979 when William Moggridge opened a small design firm in Silicon Valley, before long, he was assigned the important task of designing a computer that could fit inside a briefcase.

The solution already know, the design “clamshell” all the world was the result of their ingenuity and creativity. Laptop The first was called “The Compass” and cost USD $8000. For the cost was beyond the reach of ordinary consumers but that team became popular in the army and even got to go into space in 1983 aboard a space shuttle.

Besides designing the first laptop, it is also considered as the father of interactive design, a discipline that focuses on improving the human experience of being in contact with digital products. The result of interactive design is what today is known as user experience.

Moggridge wrote a book called “Designing Interactions” where he said: “I had the great opportunity to develop and design something that was so innovative. Developed the way shut screens on the keyboard to enable them to be transported. This geometry is only one of the 43 great ideas that were patented by the winners, “adding:” Many of these innovations now taken for granted but were new at the time, for example: backlit screen, keyboard compacted, the bubble memory, all covered by a metal resulting in a combination of durability and lightness machine giving rise to a very strong “.

Moggridge William Grant was born in June 25, l943 in London, England. His mother was an artist and his father a government employee. He studied industrial design at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. He died at age 69 in a hospice in San Francisco, the cause of death was cancer.

Link: William Moggridge, Designer and Laptop Pioneer, Dies at 69 (NY Times)

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