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December 21: The CDC tells us what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse

December 21: The CDC tells us what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse

When speaking of the “end of the world” there are several causes that we consider to be unleashed macabre and apocalyptic scenario that ends with life on the face of the Earth, not just a super powerful meteorite impacting with the planet and destroys everything in the blink of an eye. One of these aspects are biological threats, among which we find the ones and Zombies overexploited .

The flesh-eating creatures reflectors won in popular culture from the tape of George Romero, “Night of the Living Dead” introduced over the years in countless products including movies, series, novels and even videogames.

What is the premise of these monsters? As you know, the origin of the “patient zero” is an issue that has not been addressed in depth in the different stories that involve dragging feet, although the form of getting or transmitting the disease is always a factor in the issue. Generally, a bite by an infected subject propinada means your life is over, and that the only fate that awaits your body is to wander among the rot in search of food.

Under these conditions, all around you are potential threats, which unleashes a generalized paranoia across the scary communities seeking by all means to stay alive.

What to do in a zombie epidemic? Although it seems crazy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States launched a contingency plan for some years, so that we are prepared should an outbreak occur zombie.

Emergency kit in case of a zombie apocalypse: CDC

  • It should be available at least one gallon of water per person each day.
  • Given the shortage of food, it is important to have enough food until the crisis intensity zombie down.
  • During the persecutions or several clashes against cannibalistic creatures, is likely to get hurt or fall ill. Therefore, a well-stocked with medicine and healing materials would fall not too bad.
  • Aside from guns and self defense objects, it must consider adding knives, tape, batteries and radio to keep abreast of the contingency.
  • Should the zombie threat comes to an end, have documents attesting to our identity, but rather that we identify as owners of our house is indispensable. After all, people do not want to have to live with you rare after the disaster.
  • Once all assets are consolidated, U.S. dependence suggests taking into account additional factors that could save our lives at a time of disaster. For example, having prepared a safe place to go if we are forced to leave home, or have the most common emergency numbers (if the staff still alive) for help.

Once ready the kit, these are suggestions for coping:

  • Identify the types of emergencies in the area and contact to our local Red Cross for more information on the status of the outbreak.
  • Choose a meeting place with our family in case the have invaded our homes.
  • Make a list of phone numbers of the police, the fire department and the local body of anti fight zombies. It is also important to choose a particular place so your family can find you and know that you’re okay if you can not walk out the imminent threat.
  • Plan an evacuation route. When zombies are hungry they will not stop until he had eaten nothing but meat, which means you have to get out of town as fast as you can. Please have a place to come and do different routes as quickly as possible, because only then can take advantage of the creatures.

Of course, this brief guide issued by the Centers for Disease Control and apply to other emergencies, and then precisely why its publication. Still, it should not take the recommendations on deaf ears, maybe someday they can save your life.

By the way, are free to include as many firearms they please your emergency kit. Think you’re ready to face a zombie outbreak?

Link: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse (CDC website)

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