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Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

Deciphering the mysterious hardware that drives the new Wii U

Deciphering the mysterious hardware that drives the new Wii U

Today appeared in glory and majesty U Wii , console successor to the Wii, which left much to be desired in terms of hardware and support for graphics technologies, especially when compared to its direct competitors: the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

But is now looking to right the wrongs of the past and is updated in terms of specifications, which are preparing for some time through strategic alliances with IBM for the central processor and AMD’s graphics chip .

And although today’s conferences under the 2012 E3 event not say much about what is inside the console rather than “IBM powerpc CPU is multicore and GPU Radeon HD one,” we can build on information that surfaced in the past to know exactly what is inside the console.

In terms of central processing, we can conclude that we are facing an PowerPC chip four physical cores running at a frequency of 3GHz and done under a manufacturing process to 45nm eDRAM 32MB cache, slightly higher than the XBOX 360 if we fall into invidious comparisons.

As for the GPU, the safest thing is to make a custom chip made by AMD specifically for Nintendo, based in the Northern Islands architecture, which gives life to the series Radeon hd 6000 graphics core of the company for its PC products but being as wide HD 6000 series is difficult to establish a baseline.

¿RAM? Now that’s a mystery, and although it has been speculated that the amount could vary between 768MB and 1GB, we hope you will try this latter option, especially considering the price of RAM is on the ground.

We’ll see in the near future official confirmation of the characteristics in terms of hardware, when the console goes on sale and probably more than anybody could get it open to find out the most intimate details of each chip.

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