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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Internet |

Declared unconstitutional Korean law banning online anonymity

Declared unconstitutional Korean law banning online anonymity

The Court of unanimously determined the illegality of a law governing since 2007 and required Internet users to use their real name, which was written due to a spate of suicides allegedly motivated by rumors ‘malicious’ and negative comments.

Under this policy to use the real name, about 150 Korean websites were more than 100,000 visits a day began to request the name and number of the identity of those wishing to comment on a posting. As not affect websites outside of South Korea, many services simply took their servers abroad.

The argued that “expressed under or pseudonyms allows people to make criticism of the majority opinion without giving in to pressure,” adding that “although there is collateral damage of anonymity online, should be strongly protected by its value constitutional “.

Link: South Korea strikes down law Requiring use real name online (The Verge)

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