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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Social Networks |

Delete a Facebook application does not remove user data

In recent days Facebook has announced changes in its privacy policies , however not everything is rosy as announced by the network, it turns out that even now that we remove this application will still contain our data, so that other users can access these details that will remain stored in the page.

Such tools have no special permissions on the storage of information, so you can easily stay there forever, even if an account has been disabled or deleted.

Facebook says that “if you deleted an application and want them to delete the information you shared with them, you should contact the application and ask him to remove.” This means that Facebook will do the cleaning for you.

Also, applications can store information via the contacts for the user, and even inquire about the possibility of having non-public details of both. So if a person shares certain information, the application can access it like any person, while if the data are available only to his friends, the program should request permission before sharing them.

Facebook said that deleted accounts must finish off in a period of 90 days, but any data, content or information outside the account, as the posts in the groups, fan pages or private messages sent to others, be retained in service.

Certainly a very bad move, say that while protecting the privacy of its users, yet not a clear sign of this.

Link: On Facebook, deleting an app Does not delete your data from Their system (Ars Technica)

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