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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Dell Announces Zinc servers based SoC EnergyCore Calxeda

Dell Announces Zinc servers based SoC EnergyCore Calxeda

The market for micro-low-power servers continues its rapid growth, and in this segment we see a growing share of ARM-based SoC, with many companies that have announced products like servers X-Gene from Applied Micro , Baserock of Codethink , Moonshot, HP , Calxeda viridis , among others as Cooper from Dell , which announced its new line of servers Zinc.

futures servers come to complement Cooper server line (based on the Marvell ARMADA SoC), and will be based on the now very popular soc of . Apparently the development of these new servers is quite advanced, with some specimens Dell provides functional community of developers of Apache Software Foundation.

With this initiative, Dell plans to increase the number of server applications compatible with architecture, since many key server applications have not yet been ported to the ARM architecture, factor holding back the adoption of some form of ARM servers in the industry.

Hopefully more companies like Dell continue to support the large community of developers, so that the number of applications that support the ARM architecture to increase considerably in the coming months/years.

Dell adds Calxeda servers to Their lineup (SemiAccurate)
Dell Champions ARM Server Open-Source Software Development (Softpedia)

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