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Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Companies |

Dell is considering entering the world of computers “wearable”

(Cc) Dell’s Official Flickr Page

may join the wave of smart watches or maybe sunglasses or sneakers that are part of the “wearable computer”. After all, it could be an interesting option now that the market for desktop PCs is smaller .

The global vice president of Dell PCs, Sam Burd, said in an interview with The Guardian that “we are exploring ideas that space.”

“There are challenges on costs and how to make it a really good experience. But the part that is interesting is that computers are becoming smaller. Having a watch on your wrist is quite interesting, engaging, “said Burd.

In the next five years will continue to change the way our computers, explained. “There will be a need for fixed computing on desktops, but there is a real need for mobile devices. There is much discussion about how this fits in as we saw with Google Glass and watches. We are seeing many devices connected world, “he said.

Dell is in a difficult position in the market today, with sales low and in the middle of a process of repurchase by Michael Dell . According to Burd, the output of the stock Dell help the company to take “drastic measures” to switch to the company. “The vision is that we can withdraw from the quarterly reporting process where you can not make difficult decisions to accelerate this transformation,” he said.

Link: Dell eyes move as wearable computing keeps slumping PC business (The Guardian)

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