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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Companies, Software |

Dell wanted that Microsoft did not use the name “Windows” for Windows RT

The president of Dell’s PC division, Jeffrey Clarke, said he begged the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, Windows does not use the mark for Windows RT. According to the Australian Financial Review, Clarke argued that the operating system for tablets should take another name, as “Windows” meant an operating system compatible with Windows applications, which is not RT.

Ballmer, however, found that the mark was too important to not use it. Windows RT is present in the Surface and other devices from various manufacturers, and one of the main criticisms that have been the company is not clearly explain the differences between RT and Windows Windows 8 . Thus, some people are surprised when you get a device and can not run old applications.

A different name may have helped to avoid confusion.

Despite this, the president of Dell’s tablet business, Neil Hand, said “call otherwise not solve the problem” and that the key is education.

Link: Microsoft urged us to ditch Windows brand by Dell (Australian Financial Review)

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