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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

Dell will continue to sell PCs with Windows 7

Dell will continue to sell PCs with Windows 7

, well known company focused on selling and PCs, joins the doubts of other companies like Acer on the new Windows 8 from Microsoft, announcing that continue to sell PCs with pre-installed.

Michael Dell says that Windows 7 will continue to sell equipment including dates after the arrival of Windows 8, or until they are allowed (by Microsoft), an injunction against the serious doubts about whether will be as successful as Windows 7, which considers a good and stable operating system.

Apparently Dell intends to retain its business customers, who are reluctant to new operating systems and their potential compatibility issues with their applications, on the other hand will offer Windows 8 on their computers with touch screens, so we have a curious mix of systems operating (Windows 7/8) in their product lines Latitude, and Precision.

Link: Dell will continue selling Windows 7 (Fudzilla)

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