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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Featured, Gadgets, Hardware, Reviews |

Dell XPS 12 Duo at first sight

Dell XPS 12 Duo at first sight

With are released several new devices trying to bring new ways to make them more convenient to use, considering that we now have a touch screen plus keyboard and mouse. Microsoft has several of these models on display during the build event, I had the opportunity to try. opted for a model with swivel screen, the XPS Duo 12, rescuing an idea first presented with a netbook .

Dell XPS 12 Duo at first sight image 2

Undoubtedly the most striking here is the screen, held in an aluminum frame on the sides. It fastens with a “click” at the top and bottom of the frame to rotate, very smooth and easy. Turning it completely and shut down your computer, the device is like a big tablet on which we can work. The screen is covered with Gorilla Glass, so it is quite durable.

The team is 12.5 inches – but the screen is 10 inches – and weighs 1.5 kilos, so it’s not so light as to think it really is a tablet.

Dell XPS 12 Duo at first sight image 3

The construction team is strong, but the screen is always slightly off the frame, which makes it feel a bit flimsy. Anyway the idea that turn is still interesting and practical.

Inside, the Duo XPS 12 comes with an Intel Core i7 1.9GHz with Intel HD 4000 graphics, 4GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. The connectors and ports are located on both sides of the team, freeing the back and front.

Dell XPS 12 Duo at first sight image 4Dell XPS 12 Duo at first sight image 5

In addition to two USB ports, a mini HDMI and SD card slot, the Duo XPS 12 includes a button for volume control and one team to fix the screen orientation (vertical or horizontal) when we use it as a tablet.

Dell XPS 12 Duo at first sight image 6

The keyboard is quite comfortable, with space between the keys and backlit, something that should be seen as a minimum requirement at this level devices, priced about $ 1,000 USD. Additionally, the trackpad recognizes gestures, so that if you move your finger from right to center, the menu is displayed on the right side of the screen in Windows 8. The same happens when you slide your finger from the top to the center, or from the left side to the center.

Dell XPS 12 Duo at first sight image 7

Dell opted for an interesting system in this team, however, and although it is light weight 1.5 kg, it still feels too big to be a good hybrid. Probably the most convenient feature is the laptop, leaving some of the tablet side.

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