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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

Dell’s earnings are down on the eve of the launch of Windows 8

Dell's earnings are down on the eve of the launch of Windows 8

The relatively close release of may have that generates some problems. The computer assembly company published its financial report for the quarter just past, and the numbers were written in red.

Analysts expected a drop not big in quarterly results, and this resulted in a fall of 4% of the shares of the company. During the second period of the year (April to June) Dell earnings were counted by 14,500 million dollars, and is given by the figures almost certainly decline further in the third quarter.

Brian Gladden, Dell’s CFO, said sales of desktop computers have come down considerably, since many people prefer to wait until the arrival of Windows 8 before embarking on a new computer. Of course, Windows itself may be helpful for the company in the future, especially because that Dell will sell the few Windows tablets with RT.

And although the business desktop computers is not the best for Dell, another that if he generates green numbers. The server segment and business solutions grew 14% over the last six months, in contrast to other less fortunate parts of the company.

Link: Dell’s outlook disappoints as PC market falters (Reuters)

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