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Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Internet |

Demonoid domains are for sale

Demonoid domains are for sale

Demonoid’s resurrection after being confiscated by the authorities in Ukraine looks increasingly unlikely, then it was discovered that the, and are sold to the highest bidder.

torrents service was a very active community of users who have great affection. Although the service had had previous episodes of extinction, this time the site was shot down by a DDoS attack , and then confiscated by the police.

The Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) claimed the action stating that “it is a great example of international cooperation to bring down a service that was facilitating the illegal distribution of music on a vast scale. I would like to thank all the officials involved in this operation to close a business that was built on the abuse of the rights of others, “said anti-piracy director of the organization, Jeremy Banks.

Although the servers were confiscated in Ukraine, there are reports that the administration was performed from Mexico, where arrests have occurred in persons related to this issue through an operation coordinated by Interpol.

Now, the domains are for sale. As yet to have significant traffic, the price should be quite convenient for the seller. However, it is unlikely that anyone who buys it wants to build a torrent site again.

Link: Demonoid domains go up for sale (TorrentFreak)

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