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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Internet |

Demonoid was confiscated by the Ukrainian authorities

Demonoid was confiscated by the Ukrainian authorities

disappeared last week , and there was not much clarity about what had happened, attributing the fall in part to a massive DDoS attack.

However, the fall of the site would correspond to an action by the government of Ukraine. According to TorrentFreak, the ColoCall datacenter, located in that country and where Demonoid was staying, was searched by the authorities, who demanded the closure of the site.

“Researchers copied all the information servers Demonoid and sealed. Some teams were not confiscated, but now does not work, and forced us to terminate the agreement with the site, “said an anonymous source to the site.

The official closing happened a couple of days after the DDoS attack. It is believed that this action was motivated by a Prime Minister’s visit to America. On his agenda included the infringement as a topic to discuss and the ombudsman have reached certain agreements with the government of that country. There is no doubt that some in the industry will be happy to know that Demonoid is no longer active.

Although the servers seem to be confiscated, the administrator of the site is apparently still open, which could mean a return is attempted.

Link: Demonoid busted as a gift to the United States Government (TorrentFreak)

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