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Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Software |

Denounced in Argentina to play that recreates the conquest of America

Denounced in Argentina to play that recreates the conquest of America

An official in the province of Tucuman filed a complaint in court accused of “xenophobic” and “discriminatory” the game “Conquerors of the New World”, developed by a Spanish Italian company and has as argument the European conquests of American land occupied by indigenous peoples, but using strategies obliterate native tribes.

The game was actually developed by Logic Artists small Danish company, who got funding for development through Kickstarter, and is distributed and translated into Spanish by interactive FX . Started driving to a Spanish official in exploring the territories discovered and within the objectives of conquest can find the treasure trove, alliances with local tribes and extermination to achieve victory. According to experts, is a kind of that plays like Might & Magic.

Hugo Cabral, director of the Office of the Ombudsman, the province of Tucuman, explained that his claim is based on “content discrimination, racial and ethnic origin is not given by the playful element of the game, but recreate the historical situation and used as the basis for their development. “

The complaint sought to withdraw from Internet search engines to the website which disseminates and markets the game because it “violates several international treaties and provisions of the UN.” Along with this request, the complaint also left seated at the National Institute Against (INADI).

We do not know if this demand will prosper and the argument used by the Argentine official will be considered to result in your order, the truth is that it is the first time that we develop a game of this nature. Inside the Age of Empires series of there the same theme of conquest of the new world in the version III, and has received criticism despite being the best-selling title in the series AOE.

The issue of recognition of Aboriginal massacre in America has deepened in recent years, especially with governments taking claiming the rights of these peoples and their territorial belonging before the arrival of the European conquerors.

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