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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Internet |

Department of Justice agrees to return the files to MegaUpload

Department of Justice agrees to return the files to MegaUpload

While the MPAA had given to the owners of legal files stored on ‘s able to recover, under certain conditions , the State (DOJ) has the same idea.

According to the authority, return the videos to Kyle Goodwin, who filed a lawsuit on the matter, set a “bad precedent”. The entity’s lawyers asked the court to deny the request for Goodwin to retrieve a series of student sports videos recorded by himself.

According to lawyers, grant permission to retrieve the information he would open the door for anyone to do the same request each time a person is harmed when their property was confiscated. At this time, MegaUpload servers are in limbo while doing research.

“The solution proposed by Mr. Goodwin is to make the government pay the costs of restoring the data, even if it means releasing the defendant’s goods, which are subject to mandatory confiscation. 23 years ago, the Supreme Court made clear that a criminal defendant has no right to use someone else’s money to finance his defense, “wrote the national tax.

The prosecution accuses Kim Dotcom-six partners operate MegaUpload and enriched by encouraging users around the world to make illegal copies of copyrighted material, and then store the content on the servers of the company.

People like Goodwin were in the middle, with its content trapped in the seizure of government, but not be involved (at least not yet) in the application directly. In his message, the DOJ says, however, that Goodwin can still sue MegaUpload or Carpathia (the hosting company that has servers) to recover their losses. “

Link: DOJ tries to block return of data to user MegaUpload (CNET)

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