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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Science |

Design a ‘smart belt’ to monitor patients with Parkinson

Design a 'smart belt' to monitor patients with Parkinson

A system that allows real time monitoring of motor status of patients suffering from Parkinson and simultaneously evaluate the stage of a disease is, without interrupting their daily activities: This is the proposal presented at the ( UPC), the project Rempark, who wants to improve the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s.

The system consists of a equipped with a set of wireless sensors capable of processing and transmission of information measured and treated, and a bracelet that incorporates a sensor to measure the shaking of the patient. Thus, the system is able to detect of clinical parameters of disease and determine the phase in which the patient is at all times, while walking or affected your daily activities.

And that, as explained from the that Parkinson’s patients face several difficulties in performing daily activities, including phenomena that are “on-off” and “blocking”: The first are changes in the state the patient during the day, which can be at times without any symptoms (phase “on” when under the effects of the drug) and other times when a return of difficulty walking and slow (low drug). The “lock”, for its part is a total immobility of the patient when you start the march, which arises from time to time and may last seconds or several minutes.

Knowing this, it is easier to understand the usefulness of Rempark: Part of your mission is to help identify situations that incapacitate the patient more in their day to day, and then find ways to overcome these obstacles in the least invasive way possible.

Thus complements, explain its developers with a set of sensory stimulating auditory, visual or haptic , a subcutaneous injection pump controlled medication and electrical stimulation (FES), which are activated according to the episode that is suffering the patient.

Explained from the UPC that this whole system suits the needs of each patient and always operates under strict medical supervision, and we provide this graph we see the distribution of the elements that make Rempark:
Design a 'smart belt' to monitor patients with Parkinson image 2

The pilot phase of Rempark volunteers to be held in Spain, Italy, Ireland and Israel, culminating in 2015, and its entry into operation as a solution for patients with represent medical, social and economic, as highlighted its developers : It will reduce the number of hospitalizations and improve disease management, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

In the following video courtesy of the UPC will see how this interesting system, which in my view it does much to help Parkinson’s patients because it will help them be more independent in their daily lives:

Link: They design the first portable system to monitor patients with Parkinson’s (UPC)

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