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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Internet |

Despite being closed, are requesting Google remove links to Megaupload

Despite being closed, are requesting Google remove links to Megaupload

It has been almost nine months since the completion of the assault on Kim DotCom’s mansion in New Zealand, where he was arrested and the download site MegaUpload closed . However, as a clear sign that companies claimed against without the rigor that would correspond to the losses declared, Google still receives daily requests to remove content from Megaupload, Demonoid, piracy and other sites already closed.

All this despite the protests during the last years of the big companies in the entertainment industry that Google ‘not doing enough’ to prevent piracy, charging that has cost the U.S. economy a whopping $ 250,000 million and is responsible for over 750,000 jobs lost in this country.

The figure was so stellar that bear no argument , so now the ‘corrected ‘stating that caused only U.S. $12,500 million in losses to the U.S. economy and the perceived loss of 70,000 jobs.

For this type of protest, Google has made changes such as removing your auto complete terms that can be associated with copyright infringing content , and even changed its search algorithm to content sites go down in the ranking of results.

Despite this, companies affected by these alleged multimillion losses have not bothered to check if you are sending valid claims. For example, these companies like Sony Music and the (British Recorded Music Industry, the RIAA English) have requested that Google remove – on average-25 weekly from Megaupload links so far this year.

Other companies like EMI or Microsoft have also made requests to withdraw from Google links to the torrent site that has closed about a month , as well as sites like BTjunkie, Oron and FileSonic. A clear sign that companies do not bother to check that things are what they are protesting.

Link: Anti-Piracy Outfit Think Megaupload, Demonoid & BTjunkie Are Still Alive (TorrentFreak)

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