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Posted by on Jul 5, 2013 in Companies |

Despite making millions, Samsung disappoints investors

Despite making millions, Samsung disappoints investors

presented its for the second quarter of the year, presenting figures for any average citizen seem very positive. The reported operating profit of 9.5 trillion won (USD $ 8,300 million) – 47% better than last year – and income by 57 trillion won (USD $ 49,900 million).

This is the highest number that Samsung has gained ever – however, investors were disappointed with the result. This is because the market was estimated that the numbers should be even higher, to profit by 10.16 trillion won (USD $ 8,890 million), a USD $ 690 million more than reported.

Samsung apparently is moving into an area where it does not matter if the numbers are high since its meteoric growth appears to be slowing. In Reuters Some analysts question whether the sale of Galaxy smartphones has reached a plateau, where new competitors to take market. Increased competition may result in price reductions, reduced profit margins could aspire to Samsung.

So, the Korean shares fell 3.8% in the stock of Korea, despite record profits.

Link: Samsung Electronics’ second quarter as smartphone misses forecast Deepen worries (Reuters)

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