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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Internet |

Despite recent attacks, Spotify and Rdio is the best thing that could happen to the artists

Despite recent attacks, Spotify and Rdio is the best thing that could happen to the artists

and of Radiohead, has made ​​some statements about streaming services like or on “its unfair method of payment” as artists and almost no money on these services.

Yorke has even decided to withdraw some solo projects and the album “Amok” which is the lead singer of Atoms for Peace, while Nigel Godrich just has publicly complained on Twitter , giving rise to a small rebellion against these services artists music.

Although anger is evident that focuses on how to generate income, both artists have commented that these services are perfect for discovering music, something that can not be denied. The problem, as always, is in the money.

Spotify has come out that two people so remarkable in the world of music that make these statements are paying nearly one billion dollars to the artists at the end of 2013. Rdio has not yet made an official comment, but their service is less used than the 24 million active users in Spotify. These millions of dollars are going to the authors, but the vast majority end up in the hands of the record companies that manage the rights of the bands and artists.

But the members of Radiohead are not complaining exactly this much of money to be large corporations rights management. The reality is that it is true, as Spotify services do not generate much revenue for artists. Not many days ago that could be read as an artist only received by one million views on Pandora USD $ 1,300 , although the composer has just USD $ 17 .

The music industry is complicated and the world of the royalties and rights is even more complicated. This can not be converted, again, in 2013, in a discussion of piracy or people “stealing” from artists, much less than the streaming music companies do the same. We have overcome that.

The streaming services are the least bad solution

This is true and is now an almost universal truth. Services like Rdio and Spotify are not perfect in the distribution of the money generated for each reproduction and although part of the problem is not known exactly what is the price to pay for playing together with the part that the artist or composer and artist take, has to be chaos in the public eye, but a far greater problem for those who try to live music today.

Companies like Spotify have a problem is that people pay for something that, to me, is one of the tools that has changed the way people consume music. Spotify has 24 million active users, but only about six million payment, 25% of active users.

Is it a good figure for such a service? Surely Spotify is setting the standards for this type of service, but I think that if 75% of users are paying, but if hearing and seeing ads in the application, taking into account the prices of campaigns, it seems for now a good balance.

The music business is still a work in progress, a business that still no one has found the perfect formula for everyone to be happy, starting with what matters most: the artists and creators. But obviously you can not put a price that varies depending on which artist is, if for example AC / DC decides to take his music from Spotify and make it available to any fan under a subscription, but turns out to be very high or at least I paid for systems like Spotify or Rdio, people tend to download and promote the “piracy”.

Javier Gayoso, director of Spotify in Spain said in an interview with the newspaper that they do not get into the distribution of money to pay music labels, which leaves 70% of the profits from Spotify, money that would otherwise probably not be lost to find a better system.

This “revolution of the components of Radiohead is one of the greatest artists tiny revolutions. Unnecessary, unfounded and absolutely inconsistent with the modus operandi of one of the bands who have fought against the fixed format music industry.

Spotify is a great system for music, but not a great system for making money with music, simply because the music industry is broken. The perfect system would be that the entire music industry is coming down, torn from its foundations by their own pride and fundamental flaws.

Spotify is a great service that offers the artist a model fair, but not perfect. He has tried everything, downloading disks for little money, give half the disk access and pay for a full version with the hard sell videos or more extra content. None of this has worked more than the streaming music for one simple reason: because there is everything, not by a band or artist in particular.

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