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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

Details of future SoC Intel Haswell-ULT x86

Details of future SoC Intel Haswell-ULT x86

A few months ago Intel unveiled the specifications of its micro-architecture Haswell , which will be based on the different variants of its future microprocessors (2013), including the soc Haswell-ULT , and of the latter we get some Details thanks to The Guru of 3D.

x86 SoC will be the first developed by Intel, and directed exclusively to its Ultrabooks, will be manufactured with the 22nm manufacturing process Intel and is expected to have a TDP of 15 to 17W, this low power is made possible by new technologies such as the new 24MHz base clock, designed to reduce the consumption of the chip in sleep mode (power saving modes C8, C9 and C10, in other modes using the traditional base Clock of 100MHz), significantly improving autonomy team.

Haswell-ULT will consist of up to four x86 cores together with integrated memory controller (IMC) DDR3/LPDDR3-1600, fourth-generation integrated graphics “Denlow” , integrated PCIe 2.0 controller, nortbridge and southbridge (the latter known by name code-LP) is also accompanied by an additional chip in the same package (MCM, or Multi-Chip-Module), the module consists of Crystallwell (128MB DDR3 memory with 512-bit bus).

We also receive some of the specifications of future Lynx Point chipsets “Intel 8 Series”:

Details of future SoC Intel Haswell-ULT x86 image 2

It is expected that the first Intel-based microprocessor microarchitecture make their appearance from January to June next year.

We recommend reviewing the slides on the website of The Guru of 3D.

Link: Intel Haswell-low-power chip ULT details (The Guru of 3D)

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