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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Science |

Detected planet attacked by the star

Detected planet attacked by the star

At about 63 light years away lies the HD 189733b, which used to have a beautiful blue like Earth but it is rather similar to Jupiter in terms of atmospheric composition, and is a 14% larger and with greater mass. This world was observed by the from 2010. A year later, he discovered that his sun, which is smaller and colder than ours, with a brutal amount radiated x-ray

What did these rays with the poor planet was virtually erode the at a rate of 1.000 tons per second. That might happen that HD 189733b is a considerable distance close to its sun, about 30 times less distance than between the Earth and our sun. It is believed that in addition to x-rays were also involved ultraviolet rays, so close was about 3 million times higher than the dose received by the Earth constantly.

To illustrate the devastating effects of lightning on the planet created a video that reflects what the astronomers could observe with the telescope, keep in mind that it is not science fiction is reality.

Link: The planet struck by a stellar flare (Diario ABC)

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