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Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Entertainment |

Deus Ex for iOS comes with gift for those who did jailbreak

Deus Ex for iOS comes with gift for those who did jailbreak

A shooter that prevents shooting if “you violated the warranty of the device”

There are companies that seem clear that the is legal and does not always have to do with the tendency to download piracy. Square Enix, the creator of Final Fantasy, does not think so and has a gift for those who buy in the App Store: a lock that prevents firing a single shot in the entire game.

With the message “Sorry, you can not shoot on jailbroken devices” Deus Ex: The Fall has surprised hundreds of people who decided to buy the application. Unlike other companies so curious punish illegal versions, has implemented this in the legal version is in the Apple app store.

After numerous complaints from users the company has had to put a warning on the App Store saying that you should not buy the game if your device has breached the warranty by having jailbreak.

We do not know if this will help curb piracy of the game, the fact is that you will have a hard time to those who decided to pay $ 7 .

Link: Deus Ex: The Fall imposes “curious lock” to iOS devices with Jailbreak (Niubie)

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