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Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Science | 1 comment

Develop a ‘robot-ass’ to boost non-verbal communication in robots

Develop a 'robot-ass' to boost non-verbal communication in robots

With the proximity of the weekend normally begin to run into notes more “relaxing”, but in this case, more than curious, I’m going to tell has a background very seriously: A have developed a shaped like human and that is capable of responding to feelings.

As you read: The media have called the ‘robot-ass’, as its creator Nobuhiro Takahashi christened it “Shiri” which means “ass” in Japanese, is able to respond to different human reactions to different touches, as the review Reuters.

Takahashi’s invention may be useful for the advancement of in robots, allowing for better, for example, movements to make the same face as its creator said:

“If we apply this technology to conventional humanoid robots, on the dividing line between man and robot, perhaps they would be able to express enough to communicate with humans properly.”

And if you’re wondering now is why development buttocks and not a face, the explanation given by the creator is simple: The movements of the buttocks are larger and therefore make it easier to convey emotions. Thus, “Shiri” responds to emotions such as fear, for example, shaking after being hit:

“I wanted to use her ass to reflect emotions like fear, joy or relaxation (…) Fear is a very human emotion, very much alive, so it is strongly expressed after a spanking.”

Takahashi explained that the other answers are given by a slow wobble that its initial state and is a sign of relaxation, and towards a peaceful coup, more like a caress, Shiri is pressed as a sign of pleasure … Below I leave a video I found on YouTube where we see Shiri in action. Now, the peculiarity of the design aside, I hope that this work really provide more gestures to robotics.

Link: Japanese inventor Hopes “ro-butt” can Develop communication (Reuters)

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