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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Science |

Develop a “wrist Kinect” to record the movements of the hands

The device is worn strapped to the wrist and takes sensors and cameras to record the precise hand gestures.

Researchers at Microsoft, in conjunction with the Culture Lab at Newcastle University and the Foundation for Research and Technology , have developed a device that is able to make a full and in detail the movements of your hand while using moored the wrist like a bracelet.

The interesting thing is that being taken of the wrist, the device-called ‘Digits’ – eliminates the need for external sensors put some distance one, as happens for example with Microsoft’s Kinect, you need a fairly large piece to properly detect the movements of your body.

The device has several infrared sensors to record in detail various small hand movements, which means you can use your hands in the air to control a computer or other electronic systems with great precision.

The idea is to eventually reduce the size of the device to the size of a wristwatch to walk and loading it all the time and use it to interact with all kinds of machines without joysticks, mouse or keyboard. While there is not even an estimated date for release, shut up and take my money!

Link: Researchers create Digits bracelet to track hand motion (SlashGear)

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