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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Science |

Develop blind glasses enabling them to see their surroundings in Braille

Develop blind glasses enabling them to see their surroundings in Braille

In another chapter of “science fiction contributions to humanity”, we find a new project to develop that allow visually impaired or total blindness, send direct signals to the retina in Braille, the eye construed as they exist in the environment who use them.

These glasses that bring to mind the Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge , Star Trek series, who thanks to his glasses could see a much larger range of a healthy eye, even noting variations in body temperature.

Scientists at the company Second Sight developed this system, as seen in the video, although that is in an early stage of development, and has official certification of the European Community and expects the U.S. FDA.

Second Sight has extensive experience in the development of ocular implants. Its device is an Argus II artificial retinal prosthesis that is currently used by 50 patients. The Argus II helps people with Rentinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease, to see colors, some objects and movement.

This new project incorporates glasses with a camera mounted on one side, then sends electrical impulses to a series of electrodes placed inside the eyeball, which stimulate the retina’s remaining cells to signal through the optic nerve the brain, which interprets it finally caught on camera.

To accomplish this, Second Sight decided to use the prestigious and massive Braille reading system, as they believe that those who already have joined their knowledge, will not need a high learning curve to use these glasses and their cereebro interpret the signals, as mentioned speech has acquired.

Thanks to Braille accelerated 20 times the readings and interpretations of objects from the system and improved the accuracy of identification of individual letters and words almost 80% compared to the system that did not have the Braille as a decoder.

Although it will take time to achieve a device to see everything that Commander La Forge could interpret, this is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the field of technology-oriented and quality of life.

Link: Physically seeing braille (geekaresexy)

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