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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Science |

Develop contact lenses zoom

Develop contact lenses zoom

This is not a James Bond film, not one episode of Inspector Gadget, is a real invention that may revolutionize the way in which you can see, literally.

An international team of researchers have managed to make great advances in contact lens research than just corrective vision defects, but will also be able to have zoom. This team has created a lens of only 1.7 millimeters thick that are able to make an increase of 2.8x, a big step when you consider that previous versions had a thickness up to 4.4 mm.

Develop contact lenses zoom image 2

New with 2.8x zoom

Obviously if you look at your camera or any that have a zoom, you will see that these lenses to move closer to the object you are going to photograph. This is a set of lenses that distance, Image magnification achieved what lens or set of lenses allows. In this case, how do you achieve this effect in a lens that is attached to the eye and has only 1.7 millimeters thick? The trick is a series of tiny mirrors aluminum light rays reflected four times. This image is projected on the edge of the retina where your eye interprets as nearest image.

It is a very difficult trick, but this system is even able to correct chromatic aberrations resulting image and it even has a polarizing filter to switch between normal mode and mode.

Develop contact lenses zoom image 3

Results Zoom lenses

As a contact lens wearer, surely this is the kind of progress that one would like to see, as you have to wear for hours on your retina lenses could improve and add features. But far from being a development designed for us to use and believe us we have the Elf Legolas view, this research is designed in medical field for patients with macular degeneration related to age, in which the lenses help correct them vision defects and also add zoom mode to be capable of, for example, read at normal distance.

Link: Researchers Develop Telescopic Contact Lens, Give Your Eyes 2.8x Optical Zoom (PetaPixel)
Photo: chasblackman (Flickr)

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