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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Science |

Develop technique to draw and write using the eyes

Develop technique to draw and write using the eyes

Good news on the application of technology to overcome barriers, in this case, for people with motor disabilities: They have developed a technique to and write using the on the monitor of a PC.

As you read: Jean Lorenceau, project director at the Center for Research of France, is a specialist in the study of optical illusions that has found a way of writing across the eye movement: says it is so simple as writing or drawing with a pencil, “but no tip.”

We know that control eye Movement is a very complicated, almost impossible to do it at will, because of the saccades , “that is rapid, uncontrolled movements that the eyes normally.

However, because French scientist that specializes in optical illusions, that he used: Used an optical illusion called “reverse-phi motion”, which uses patterns of dots that contrast in a video screen to create a fleeting illusion of movement . This is “easier” to guide the eye movement to select characters on a screen, draw or write, as explained in The Wall Street Journal Americas.

And this illusion is that would allow a precise eye control even cursive writing because Lorenceau explains, provides “a way for motion-sensitive neurons can orient without unleashing the uncontrollable saccades . “

In experiments Lorenceau, system users have relied on a small infrared camera to send their eye movements to the screen of a PC. The result: That the “unusually soft movements” produced by the system can be used to draw, write or generate a signature including, as responsible for this research.

It is noteworthy that so far this system is in a phase of initiation, and for now this technique has allowed those who have tried making legible written on a PC at speeds of 20 to 30 characters per minute, of course, after training in several sessions.

Thus, although much remains to be done in this project which is being funded by the French health authorities, it is certainly a ray of hope that can be very useful, both for people with motor disabilities who can communicate more freely as for the development of visual control systems for pilots, drivers and surgeons … Any other proposal of how to use it?

Link: A technology to write with his eyes (WSJ)

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