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Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Develop technology to create 2TB SSDs with a single controller

Develop technology to create 2TB SSDs with a single controller

is a Canadian company which owns many intellectual patents, among which there are technologies associated with the development of flash for mass storage. This is why we are using their knowledge to create a (SSD) of up to 2TB of capacity, using only one controller.

And now, one of the difficulties when increasing the capacity of the is the limited number of channels provided by the current controllers, so that four of these are necessary to create a 2TB unit. Thus, the great merit of Mosaid lies in that they have developed their own custom memories, which they called HyperLink NAND (HLNAND) and operate on a channel, and can be integrated under a single 2TB unit.

Now, during the development of technology in Mosaid were found with data transfer rates of just 120 MB/sec read and 74 MB/sec write with new HLNAND. However, he found a solution to the problem, making memory chips capable of transferring 512 GB to 333MB/seg with Mosaid ensuring that in theory, can make 512GB drives with speeds that reach no less than 2.6GB/seg .

But not everything could be so perfect, we should mention that Mosaid is a company that is dedicated to manufacturing products for the consumer, but it develops and investigates new technologies and then them and sue half the world by the subsequent use of them, so do not hope that we will see this kind of devices in the near future.

Link: HyperLink SSD Technology to Enable and Impressive Performance SSDs 8TB (Softpedia)

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