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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Companies |

Dialing to landlines in Mexico now have 10 digits

Dialing to landlines in Mexico now have 10 digits

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The era of fixed telephone numbers of eight digits in has an expiration date. At least so said the Official Journal of the Federation who confirmed that from 2015 local phone dialing will increase from eight to 10 digits as part of reducing areas of long distance dialing.

Reducing 397-172 areas is part of the consolidation of Local Service Areas proposed by the Federal Telecommunications Commission (Cofetel), which will be executed over a period of 24 months. According to , this reduction zones allow more calls between neighboring populations without suffering at a cost of long distance call.

Another advantage is that signals the body to avoid the problem of repeated numbers and that maintaining the current structure of eight digits, about 15 million users of mobile or fixed number would have to change.

The main operators are affected because once the process is expected to cease to receive a USD $ 1.900 billion (USD $ 145,792,700). In all, will be bearing the brunt because it accounts for 80% of the market.

The 10-digit dialing will come into effect from July 11, 2015. This includes the removal of “01″ to call long distance, so you only use the “State ID number” (NIR) also known as long distance code “LADA key.”

For example, if you are in any state within the country and want to make Mexico City only have to use the NIR (55) followed by eight digits of the current number. Example: (55) 55123456

Those that make a local number will also need to use the NIR. Because the change could be problematic for some, it is estimated that 24 months is long enough to adapt.

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