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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Gadgets |

Died Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the mouse

Died Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the mouse

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The engineer and inventor died today at age 88 at his home in California. His work laid some of the groundwork for both the development of the to modern personal computers, but perhaps his most famous design is the mouse.

Engelbart made ​​the first prototype of a in 1963 with the help of engineer Bill Inglés at Stanford Research Institute, baptizing as mouse because the early models had a cord in the back, approaching the appearance of rodent.

The device was much more effective to point out things on a screen than other alternatives, such as a joystick or stylus pen. The mouse was part of a larger project that included Engelbart’s vision of the future of science and technology.

In December 1968, a demonstration Engelbart sitting in front of a mouse, keyboard and other controls and projected computer screen. Engelbart showed how you could use a mouse to control a computer, editing text and moving items. At that time the most common form of interaction with a computer was through punched cards, which the mouse made a great impression.

Engelbart’s computer system, which he called “oNLine System” (NLS), allowed researchers to share information with each other and create and obtain documents from a shared electronic library. His demonstration was so powerful that people in Silicon Valley began referring to her as “the mother of all demos”.

Later, the technology demonstrated by Engelbart would be worked by the Xerox PARC lab and the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which would create the first user interfaces for use in a practical way with a mouse, and then would be adopted for widespread use in computers personal Apple and Microsoft in the 1980s.

The NLS system would later become the basis for computer network, the previous version to what we know today as the Internet.

Link: Douglas C. Engelbart, Inventor of the Computer Mouse, Dies at 88 (NYTimes)

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