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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Entertainment |

Diego Gonzalez, a sculptor who makes his living doing fictional characters

Diego Gonzalez, a sculptor who makes his living doing fictional characters

What would the world of fictional characters without the passion they bring the millions of fans around the world? In many ways, both a small collector of comics, videos and objects to a mega event organizer put their bit to make our idols immortal.

In this great universe of fans, there are those who combine their with passion ever, very small, travel led the inhospitable fantasy worlds fight evil almost invincible.

One of them is Diego González, an Argentine, a trained architect and self-taught artist, who one day, while watching TV, he saw a program that definitely marked the path of his current profession.

Surrounded by the most famous in the world of comics, science fiction and fantasy literature, and in his current role as sculptor and professor of future sculptors, Diego we answered some questions about his beginnings, his favorite characters and the current modeling technology , and share images of his most prominent.

Diego Gonzalez, a sculptor who makes his living doing fictional characters image 2

-FW: According to your bio (web) with started self-taught. How did you get started? What inspired you to dedicate yourself to the fictional characters?

- Diego Gonzalez: From a guy always attracted me everything related to manual activities, made ​​me my own furniture, as disarming electronic device was broken and that arming other things and made ​​me some toys plasticine. Then in adolescence all this was forgotten and I studied, I started college (Architecture) and the incentive to create and build test models I shot several materials and again.

A few years later was when on TV (Canala to) gave a program where Argentine sculptor (Martin Canale) created a huge sculpture of and was fascinated! I think that sealed the fate. Over time I was trying testing and creating figures that had access materials (clay mud) until I found a forum online ( Masterblaster ). At that time there were very few users but it was enough to know there were more people interested in this and shared my doubts and work with them, then with a little more practice I got to know Martin Canale at an event and encouraged me to devote full of sculpture this character.

-FW: What kind of tools and elements (inputs) are used to model these characters?

-DG: To start does not take much, with a bit of Plasticine , the school we used at school, and a couple of plastic ESTEC (Ed: tools for modeling mass) than in any bookstore sold are sufficient tools to start. I particularly Plasticera model is a mixture of clay and paraffin wax, it gives hardness to achieve fine detail, even one of the most commonly used materials at a professional level in sculpture.

Diego Gonzalez, a sculptor who makes his living doing fictional characters image 3

-FW: How long can a person who begins to shape, getting your first job?

-DG: Each person is different, not everyone is born for this, I believe much of what depends afternoons within passion take some of my students start very excited, and after the first month of work realize that was not what they thought, and leave, while others already achieved incredible advances few classes.

-FW: Have you ever thought on how profitable it could become the profession in relation to the time it takes each job?

-DG: No. When I started I never crossed my mind to live this far if he knew he could sell the odd sculpture, but only that, and what I did was to go buy more and better materials. Then, without realizing what was gained with the figures in my own office job I had at the time.

-FW: Did you do any work or any orders received showbiz personality or producer?

-DG: Fortunately this profession linked me to many people who also like art, comics, and all that fantastic world and a chance someone close to Carlitos Bala was also collector of figures, suggested I make a sculpture of Carlitos auspicious in on his birthday 85, that was the first I did for a famous and it was very rewarding.

-FW: Who are your influences, both from the world of modeling and art in general?

-DG: Without a doubt my great reference is Martin Canale, I love your style and I admire all your work. With regard to art in general really took a lot from various artists guided me with many anatomy books for artists, are mostly linked to the drawing, but they are extremely useful, I believe that knowledge of anatomy is essential in this profession.

Diego Gonzalez, a sculptor who makes his living doing fictional characters image 4

Diego Gonzalez (second from left), with his main reference, Martin Canale (center). Photo:

-FW: Who are the character modelers and all types of structures you most identify or consider masters of the trade?

-DG: Besides Canale, which makes Marvel and DC figures mainly, among other fantastic cinema, the great teachers who inspire me are Simon Lee (aka “Spiderzero”), a wonderful sculptor and sketch artist of the most clear and precise I met. I also admire Philippe Faraut , an incredible designer faces and expressions. Many other sculptors that I got to know in the profession have left me some lessons, some I was lucky enough to chat several times and others only cross some comments on forums, but everyone always rescues and learn something.

-FW: What do you think of the new 3D printers that do things similar to what you design it? Could be an interesting complement to your work?

-DG: Certainly. There still is no perfect printer and prints currently have to retouch them and work them pretty, but a matter of time. Modeling digitally is a subject that every sculptor should know.

Diego Gonzalez, a sculptor who makes his living doing fictional characters image 5

-FW: How many characters modelaste until today? What is the smallest and which is the greatest? And the more problems that brought you to finish?

-DG: The long lost account Spoonbill! even many start and never finish them, so the list is great … One of the smallest was for the company Danonino, I commissioned the Dinosaur characteristic of 4.5 cm for distribution with the yogurt, and the largest (for now , lol) was a of over 3 meters we did with the guys from Danger Zone for a client. With this work we ran the time, because we take it to an event and a week of the start date was yet more than half, so with several friends who helped, all got a bit to arrive on time, however without finishing or sanding the surfaces we take equal.

-FW: Have you ever had legal problems related to copyright with your creations?

-DG: No, because I never sold my work in quantities, they were always very few replicas or exclusive work for clients, and most of what I do is now licensed by the company that I care.

-FW: Who is in your Top 5 favorite characters from the world of science fiction?

-DG: I have no preferential order, if there are some who can not miss to begin the Thundercats are definitely my favorites, When can I want to do the full collection! Are also superheroes, Batman and Superman. I like Superman more than Batman as a character, but I prefer modeling to Batman, is more artistic appeal to my taste. The Joker (Joker) is my favorite, Hulk, Wolverine can not be outside, and drawing 80′s par excellence is He-man, they obviously are also, perhaps because in childhood accompanied me and hit me hard …

Diego Gonzalez, a sculptor who makes his living doing fictional characters image 6

-FW: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start doing this and not encouraged for various reasons or believes he has the ability and knowledge to do so? (Besides telling him to write to your courses, of course aajja)

-DG: The first tip is THAT COMINCE YA, but RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow or past, only when one takes first modeled figure is when he discovers the wonderful world of creating characters with his hands and realizes that there are no limits or impossible that all I ever dreamed can. Given time and dedication all come to get a good result!

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