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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Internet |

Digg has a new version without advertising and without comment

Digg has a new version without advertising and without comment

launched its version “rethought”, after it was acquired by Betaworks . The began operating today, and apparently caused by the same curiosity has caused some instability on the site.

The redesign is the result of a quick process that took six weeks to rethink Digg . The design emphasis is now on the top stories, popular and “coming” (upcoming). The company modified the “score Digg” to add Information from Facebook and Twitter to sort the stories in the ranking. The first page of Digg will also be handled editorially – that is, there will be three people involved in ordering the owners – rather than relying completely on the Digg algorithm.

As the development of the new site was very fast, the company decided to eliminate the possibility of feedback from the community, with the idea of integrating this function later. We do not know how operate the new comments that were once central to the site.

One point that has caused some discontent is that to vote for a story, you need to sign in through Facebook on Digg. The company says it is a defense against spam, but this method may be revised in the future.

Betaworks said he hopes to continue adding new features, in addition to the comments, such as personalization systems, mobile versions and even an API for developers to build on the platform.

So far, Digg will not have advertising. It is not known how they expect to make money with the site yet. The company released an official application for IOS , which offers a similar experience to the web.

Welcome to Digg v1 (Digg Blog)

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