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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Companies |

Digg reveals details of what will be its new version, you will not have comments

Digg reveals details of what will be its new version, you will not have comments

launched a program to rebuild from scratch, which plans to complete in just six weeks , and aims to bring back glory to the site that came crashing down . The company explained in a post today on its official blog how it will be the first release of this new idea of Digg, which premieres Aug. 1.

The idea is to “deliver the best of what the Internet is talking about right now.” He said that the site will be “fast and light”, so that people can navigate it smoothly, there will be native applications for different devices and that will be present on different platforms, like Twitter or Facebook.

The first version will have no advertising. The new site design looks more like a site than what was originally Digg, a news list sorted by the ranking given by user votes. Among the changes will include more images, and revive the “Upcoming” which shows the news will soon appear on the cover (because the votes are coming up).

Moreover, the first version will not have comments. “When Digg was founded in 2004, was one of the only places on the web where you could have a conversation with people your own opinion. Today, conversations occurring everywhere, and the problem solving Digg started in 2004 now has no lack of solutions, “the blog.

“If we were going to put up comments on the launch, we had to do well, and knew we could not do in six weeks,” he explained, noting that this functionality will be implemented later.

The traditional voting system of the notes will remain, but Digg will also consider what people share on Twitter and Facebook to determine “the best stories.” There will be a team of moderators ordering the stories they arrive.

Digg this rebirth comes from the hand of Betaworks, which recently acquired the company . Will they turn it relevant again?

Link: v1 preview (Rethink Digg)

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