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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Economy, Internet, Social Networks |

Director of Facebook gets rid of 20 million shares of the social network

Director of Facebook gets rid of 20 million shares of the social network

This is one of those stories that should be in a bad mood to Mark Zuckerberg: Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder and board member of Facebook, has sold 20 million shares of the social network, almost erasing their presence List investors.

According to Reuters, Thiel sold his shares between Thursday and Friday of last week, when they ranged between U.S. $19.27 and U.S. $20.69, at which it earned $400 million, according to documentation provided to U.S. regulator.

From the social network have not commented on the movement of Thiel, who still owns 5.6 million shares of Facebook, and he decided to sell after the end of the blockade that prevented this transaction to investors old and belonging to the company after the IPO last May.

And without being too smart, not a financial expert, we can imagine that as deflated stocks could be more investors thinking of selling to profit while you can …

We know that has not done anything good in stock, which itself Zuckerberg described as “painful” in recent days : the end of the regular session on Monday, was trading at U.S. $20.01, or nearly half the price of $38 that went public earlier this year.

Having seen, means Thiel’s move, which came out while not 100% stake, yes that saved much of his money, because currently there seems to be no improvement in the value of the company, which motivates the loss of confidence by investors.

Certainly, an investor with good experience in business and dispose of most of Facebook shares is not a good sign, much less help the image of the company of Zuckerberg, which particularly and without understanding finances I do think was overrated … To all these, are we about to see the bubble burst 2.0? Matter of time to find out.

Link: A member of the Board of Directors of Facebook sold 20 million shares of the social network (Expansion)

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