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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Social Networks |

Disable Facebook facial recognition in Europe

Disable Facebook facial recognition in Europe

The Data Protection Commission of Ireland (DPC) struck a deal with Facebook, which have consequences for the entire operation of the social network in Europe. The agency earlier this year made a series of recommendations to the company, including options to disable automatic (suggested tags), which agreed.

The feature was disabled for new European users, and will be eliminated for existing users as of October 15, according to the DPC.

Facebook has been investigated in several countries over this issue, based on a complaint filed in 2011 by users in Austria. The case ended up being treated in Ireland because Facebook has its European headquarters there. The DPC said Facebook has made all the required changes in five key areas: improving transparency to users about how their data is used, users control over configuration, more clarity in the information retention periods for deleted data, improvements in user access to their own personal data, and the possibility that Facebook can review better if you meet the requirements of data protection.

Facebook said in a statement: “This audit is part of an ongoing process of monitoring, and we are satisfied that, as stated by the Data Protection Commission, the latest ads are a confirmation that not only comply with the law on protection European data, but we have gone beyond some of the initial recommendations and are fully committed to best practices in compliance with data protection. “

The company added, however, that “it is worth reiterating that once we have reached an agreement with the DPC on the best way to notify and educate users, reinstall hope this useful tool.” Thus, recognition is not dead – it would be difficult for Facebook was so willing to remove it after paying $100 million for – but wait a minute to return. At least his return would bring better information (for Europeans, at least).

Link: Facebook turns off facial recognition in the U.S., gets the all-clear on several points from Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner on its review (TechCrunch)

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