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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Hardware |

Disarm the Microsoft Surface, not so easy to repair

Disarm the Microsoft Surface, not so easy to repair

It aired Windows 8 and he also appeared on the tablet market, long awaited by many customers who see it as an interesting hybrid device to replace the traditional notebook. And speaking of traditions, nothing to look forward to was that someone would dare to disarm the device, what people of iFixit did as usual, revealing interesting details regarding the distribution of its interiors, besides giving clues to the experts to know whether it is easy or difficult to repair the device.

The conclusions were several: it costs a lot to get the blank back, leaving marks that show the opening and may void the warranty. Furthermore, although the battery is attached with glue, it is relatively easy to remove, although some parts are joined so that it is not possible to separate them, as the connector for the keyboard and screen, with the latter having its panel LCD and the front glass tightly together, so that a damage to the whole screen requires its replacement.

Advantages and disadvantages people of iFixit gave October 4 points to in what regards to ease of repair, with 10 being the maximum figure, which surely alienate many fans into the home under the device in case of failure , forcing take the appliance to a service authorized by Microsoft in case of problems.

Link: Microsoft Surface Teardown (Engadget)

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