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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Internet |

Discarded called “Vulcan” to a moon of Pluto although the name won online voting

Four months ago we learned that there had been a vote to put a name to one of the two new discovered on Pluto, and most voted name turned out to be “Vulcan” , proposed by William Shattner and actors Leonard Nimoy, who represented the and Spock in respectively.

Unfortunately, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) decided not to take into account the votes of the Trekkies, he decided to opt for the second and third most popular name among those proposed.

In other words, the new moons of will now be known as Cerberus and Styx, referring to the three-headed dog of Hades (or Pluto) and the river which is the border between the earth and the world of the dead, respectively.

According to the IAU, “the name has been used for a hypothetical planet between Mercury and the Sun Although it was discovered that there was, the term ‘vulcanoide’ still associated to any asteroid that is within the orbit of Mercury. Also, the name Vulcan not fit the naming scheme of the underworld mythology associated with Pluto.

For its part, the Captain Kirk actor William Shatner tweeted regretted the decision of the IAU:

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