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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Internet |

Disconnctng 1.5 million blogs for copyright infringement in one of them

Disconnctng 1.5 million blogs for copyright infringement in one of them

A problem with an article published five years ago in a blog caused 1.5 million will go to education black after the firm hosting the disconnected. The company was responding to a complaint of set by the publisher Pearson, which claimed that one of the sites was illegally sharing details.

The company said it had to comply with the order because, after sending two requests to the site to remove the infringing content, were not answered.

The post in question was published in November 2007 in chain, and a questionnaire consisted of 20 questions which dates from 1974 and was shared with a group of students. The questionnaire is owned by Pearson.

After receiving a first notification, Edublogs investigated the situation and made the article in question did not appear publicly, however, in early October ServerBeach an automatic post discovered a copy of memory stored in the software used to ensure Edublogs Websites are deployed quickly. Although the copy was visible only internally, ServerBeach Edublogs alerted again, and when they did not respond within 24 hours, the company turned off the entire site – with 1.5 million blogs.

The time difference was that he played a trick on Edublogs, which is based in Australia, while the U.S. is ServerBeach. “Our CTO sysadmin and watched in horror, and live, how our servers were turned off one by one and then spent the next hour sending emails, calling and panicking,” said James Farmer, CEO of Edublogs.

The CEO said he was “surprised” by the speed with which he played the hosting company, “contrary to the way they work with one of your best customers,” indicating that Edublogs has used the service for years, paying almost $ 7,000 a month for the service.

Farmer indicated that the company could have called by phone to resolve the problem, rather than leaving offline the million and a half composing Edublogs blogs. This is a quite disproportionate extent, by a single item that violates the copyright, and having a company that was willing to work to resolve the problem on the other side.

Hopefully it is an isolated error of ServerBeach, because if all hosting services and act, claims for copyright will leave us without internet.

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