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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Science |

Discover the oldest cheese that has knowledge

Discover the oldest cheese that has knowledge

Who like each other strongly flavored know that part of the process to give you know is the aging but I think thousands of years at rest is too much even for the most demanding.

Scientists discovered what appears to be technology 8,000 years old used to make this delicacy and thus demonstrates that from the Neolithic period and primitive men were preparing good quesadillas.

The rest of this ancient cheese were discovered by researchers at the University of (England), (Poland) and University (USA) after that if you would look at a Polish pots made of clay that had some holes inside. The analysis revealed the existence of these pots of milk lipids and this led to the conclusion that it was a cheese strainer, which by the way, before the analysis, researchers thought that the pot was used for straining honey or beer.

“The question is how long it took to discover this technology to transform fermented milk products and cheese eventually, and that is very difficult to decipher” comet Peter Bogucki, a researcher at Princeton University and added “I think this was key Neolithic innovation, the power to produce a product that can be stored for a perishable and difficult to handle as milk, and do it on a routine and repetitive, with ongoing refinements. And this, few millennia after domesticate cattle, sheep and goats. “

This shows that man has always tried to eat a rich roast accompanied by a tasty cheese.

Link: Scientists find oldest cheese history (The Third)

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