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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Venture |

Discovered, an application to create contacts easier [FW Startups]

Discovered, an application to create contacts easier [FW Startups]

To start a business, it is important to have access to people who can help your business. But how do you contact these people? That’s what we try to resolve discovered , an – mobile social network that allows contact with other entrepreneurs.

“Sometimes hard to find or approach people who can support you, and it’s not for lack of provision of these people, but rather for lack of knowledge or self commonly time. So the idea is to facilitate these meetings by something that is in widespread use, “explains Ivan Olivares, Maxis co-founder and one of the creators of this application in Antofagasta, Chile, by Felipe Jorge Zepeda and Matus.

The application is focused in Chile and is now available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

FW – What is your business model?

Ivan Olivares - is a privately funded project in the first stage and seeks primarily to support entrepreneurs, so cost is $ 0 for the first 1000 users and then will open up new spaces (both 1000).

Once the network grows we innovate a bit in how incomes with applications. We believe that with small changes that we will make the current model of targeted advertising, mainly in the form, the expectations of the public reception are very good. For this we are working on ways to make other than “the typical banner on the app” nor is advertising that does not add anything to the enterprise.

So far there is nothing officially set, but we do have 3 models in which we are working and taking various business meetings, consulting and feasibility.

FW – What project has obtained financing?

Ivan Olivares - discovered is a project incubated in Region Fertil (public-private institution that seeks to promote innovation and entrepreneurship) through Club: July Atacama , Antofagasta.

1 year started as Start-up and we have funded through the development of services as (Maxis) specializing in the development and technology consultancy in high performance and scalability, especially the development of web-oriented software and the area telecommunications.

Given the above, the project is being funded by us but this year we empower ourselves with venture capital funds such as Fundación Chile, CORFO, among others.

FW – What sets them apart from other solutions?

Ivan Olivares - Mainly is the focus of the community and the users who will be in it, today there are a myriad of applications that enable people to find, send, store contact cards, among others.

Our differentiation from other applications is that I discovered is just an application to do this, do it in real time wisely and supports you in maintaining a focus according to your interests.

FW – What has been the most difficult to take the project forward?

Ivan Olivares - The main barrier has been to synthesize a simple and easy way to solve the pain that we solve with discovered. We started thinking about a “social network”, we even on ideas as crazy as “touch screens throughout the city with people finder” and finally resolved by something as simple as a mobile app. We think and wonder, “What more personal than that device is in your pocket all day with you?”.

One difficulty, not least, we have achieved balance and is not letting go of the idea and not fall for her. Objectivity, think about the user and the market has been the most important thing when making decisions. And in one year we had to pass quite a few situations to reach today to have a concrete and final product. In this they have been very important to the support we have received from collaborating institutions and entrepreneurship as Atacama7 Fertil Region.

Link: discovered

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